Feature List

  • Free

    No credit card required ever. Free for associations of any size. Get started immediately. Find out how it's free.

  • Secure

    Your Condo Ally site is private, secure, and all data transfer is encrypted. Only invited users can access your site. Search engines can never access the content.

  • Accept Payments Online

    Stop writing and processing paper checks. Condo Ally uses the same encryption used by major banks to allow you and your fellow residents to securely pay their assessments online. (Only available within the United States)

  • Archive Documents

    When you upload your documents, you can feel confident knowing they're redundantly backed-up on our server and accessible anywhere you have an Internet connection.

  • Conduct Polls

    Conduct formal polls with auditing history and charts to make group decisions and get things done.

  • Foster Open Communication

    Condo Ally makes it easy to e-mail your board of directors or everyone in the association. Furthermore, it keeps track of those messages.

  • Never Lose Track

    The calendar provides the ability to create events, meetings, and track maintenance. How old is your roof and who did the work? When is your next meeting? Now everyone can get the info immediately!

  • No Single Point of Failure

    Condo Ally will act as a hub for all those tidbits of useful information that allow your association to run smoothly even as neighbors come and go or are simply unavailable.

  • Bring New Owners Up To Speed

    Help new neighbors feel welcome and comfortable by providing all the information they need as the settle in to their new home.

  • Control Renter and Owner Access

    Renters can only see basic information. Owners can see all information. Only board members can modify and add information.

  • Have a History

    Many associations don't know it because they don't have it, but the history of your residents, buildings, and association is important and helpful for future generations. Condo Ally gives you this for free.

  • Track Assessments

    At a glance, know which units are up-to-date, which are falling behind. The tracking adjusts to your association's payment schedule and can even track special assessments.

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Signing up for Condo Ally takes roughly 3 minutes and is completely free. Once you're in and watch our getting started video, view the guide, and/or click around for a few minutes, you'll know if we're the right choice for your association. Don't see a feature important to you? Contact us. Think we suck? Contact us. We made Condo Ally to help condo associations and if we're not the best choice, contact us. We'll try to point you in the right direction, even if that means you don't use us.

If you're willing to give us 5 minutes of your time, there's literally no down side to giving us a try right now.

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