Safe and secure.

It doesn’t matter if it’s your meeting calendar or your bank information, it’s your information. We want it to stay that way, too. The security of your data is our top priority. Here’s how we keep everything safe.

  • Password protected

    Having a site password protected is the first step in security. But we go beyond that to keep your data safe.

  • SSL security

    This is a fancy way of saying that the connection between your computer and where your data lives is secure.

  • No spam, ever

    Because our pages aren’t published or indexed by search engines, no one is getting your email from your site.

  • Maintain privacy

    Even our communication is private. You can communicate with your neighbors, without revealing your personal email address.

  • Stay in control

    You can restrict or grant access as needed. Since not everyone should be able to see everything, you can choose the right permissions for your association.

  • Back it up

    We keep your data safe by backing it up regularly. Because it’s in the cloud, even if your own computer has an issue, your info’s still secure in Condo Ally’s system.

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